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Michael Grubb provides ‘shredder’ article for OnOffice Magazine


OnOffice Magazine invited Michael Grubb to contribute to ‘shredder’ – a fun back page feature where a well-known member of the design industry chooses three things they think the world could do without – a bit like Room 101.

So here they are!…


Microsoft Office
There were numerous big decisions to be made when I started my own Studio in 2013, and non bigger than – how can I avoid using Microsoft Office?

You have to hand it to Microsoft for regurgitating the same old nonsense year after year (just moving the icons around a bit). I also applaud those who genuinely believe they can produce a graphically pleasing layout on Word, those who insist on using those terrible transitions in PowerPoint and those who genuinely know what half of the features actually do…..

There is nothing more tedious (or irrelevant) than listening to other peoples dreams – and I do not mean aspirations, ambitions or ideals for the future, I mean the random, warped and surreal moments of the unconscious mind.

“I was travelling to Atlantis with my old Piano teacher on an underwater steam train, we were talking about cheese-graters when I suddenly realised my legs had turned into chocolate”…. What do you think it means?

I am a lighting designer, I went to Art College and my background is Product Design – so I would therefore assume that I am the least qualified person to either understand or interpret such thoughts. More importantly, I really don’t care and such discussions send me to sleep. The irony.

Buying a coffee
Why is it so hard buying a simple cup of coffee? Why all of the questions….

“What size cup? Drinking in or out? Single or double shot? Would you like a pastry? Would you like a muffin? Would you like a biscuit? Would you like to upgrade to our superior Columbian Coffee? Would you like to add one of our special syrups? Can I take a name? Are you interested in joining our loyalty reward program? “err, can I have a cup of coffee please”