lighting design

2015 Lighting Design Awards

The Nova Building project for Amigo Loans was Highly Commended by the judging team at the 2015 Lighting Design Awards. The ReLIT Project, a charity initiative by Michael Grubb Studio, was also Commended at the awards ceremony that was held on the 26th March at London Park Lane Hilton.

For the Nova Building, Michael Grubb Studio created an unconventional interior lighting scheme that engages staff and promotes the Amigo brand and ethos. The building’s hot-desking workstations, meeting rooms, boardrooms, café-restaurant area, social breakout spaces and massage room are lit in a free-flowing manner to remove any sense of hierarchy between spaces. A continuous cluster of decorative globes meanders through rooms connecting them. Their inspiration is cartoon-style ‘thought bubbles’, echoing the client’s desire to create a space ‘where people think, not act as robots,’ in contrast to the stereotypical call centre environment.

‘Recycle, reduce, reuse’ is the key to recycling. The Re:Lit project began this year by taking efficient lighting products that had been superseded or were otherwise unsellable and using them for its first annual community lighting project, the Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth, Dorset. The 200-seat Shelley Theatre at Boscombe Manor, built by the son of Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, had been lit with 8kW tungsten floodlights. The Re:Lit project replaced old equipment with recycled lighting that reduced energy usage from 8kW to just below 1kW (951w), also enabling more areas to be utilised, many for new purposes. Details for Year 2 have since been announced.