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The Marathon Race that Welcomed New Runners

Nurturing tomorrow’s seasoned lighting designers, involves immersing in today’s talent.

Whilst some of the team were presenting, participating and learning at the epic annual event that is the Professional Lighting Design Convention, in Paris, back in the UK it was business as usual for our new recruits.

This month we have taken the opportunity to focus on our newest team members, (who remained at head office). They are the ones that will eventually shape the industry and represent where the future lies.

Let us introduce you to our new design technician team, Will De Liefde-Foot, Matthew Athinodorou, Daniele Trombin and Charlotte Wood.

We centred the conversation on how they are adapting to life at Michael Grubb Studio.


Will De Liefde-Foot

“What surprised me, when I first joined Michael Grubb Studio, was the scope of work. Not just lighting design the UK, but internationally. We work on such a rich and varied range of projects, collaborating with various design disciplines across many sectors.

I have known Michael (Grubb) since his guest lectures at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). I loved the work for Gardens Of Light, so I took an interest towards installations and temporary lighting projects.

Now I am part of the team, variety has been something I have relished. This has included overseas hotels, an ongoing interior scheme for a large retailer, though to large residential initiatives.

The scale of interior, exterior and strategy work has been something I have thrown myself into.”

Academia to the commercial space

Daniele Trombin

“University provided the discipline, the work environment delivers a structure. When you combine the two, you have a solid framework to apply within the working week.”

The biggest difference between academia and working in a commercial space is to be considerably more controlled with time. What I now have is a platform to test and challenge. Combine that within a new studio environment, that we all feel comfortable, it presents a fresh way of thinking.

Moving from studies to a professional career, there has to be an appreciation that we all live in a commercial world. There are deadlines to be met and goals to be achieved.”

Connecting and improving on what has been learnt

Charlotte Wood

“The reason I joined Michael Grubb Studio is to embrace valuable work experience. This is so important for personal and professional development.

I want to improve on what I have been learning at university. I am currently studying for my MA in Architecture. I will pick my studies back up in January. However, I need to be in the world of work and grow from outside of just the education space.

The commercial experience, that I am enjoying, does align with my current thesis. The topic is the developing role of the architect. I truly believe there needs to be a more collaborative process, this is what provides balance. Everything that happens within the studio, collaboration is such an important element within every project.

I am basically working within my own case study. Taking this to a professional capacity and to my continual development, brings everything together. I am embracing the challenge and how it can shape my development when I complete my studies in 2018.”

Personal Development

Matthew Athinodorou

“I am enjoying the level of work within the UK and overseas. This really helps with confidence and development.

By having a supportive team around each other, can only benefit. We are all learning from each other.

The new team are all going to grow together and as the exposure to the wider scope of projects develops, this means that everyone is on the same learning curve. We will all develop professionally and personally. Working with clients, I know that trust has to be earnt.

I look forward to the rich variety of work and demonstrate the techniques shared and knowledge to embrace.”

Lets Conclude

From exposure to a wide variety of work, being commercially aware, continual improvement and personal development, these are all traits that every member of the Michael Grubb Studio team values. This is not just reserved for the newest members of the design technician team

We are all at different parts of one giant lighting design marathon. Whilst some are a little bit ahead of others, in terms of knowledge and experience, we are all part of the same race with the same goal in our sights.