lighting design


lighting_2025If we hired a Delorian and it took us to 2025, what would we see within the lighting industry? What would the world of lighting look like?

It’s a question we ask ourselves in the studio from time to time.

So, we sat down one afternoon and threw everything out there with how the future of lighting could be. Here is a snapshot of what we thought the future could hold.


Lighting In 2025

  • Every light fitting will control more intelligent systems to record movements. The switch on the wall will be able to stream a whole host of data.
  • More lighting technology talking to even more lighting technology.  Data will become a problem. For instance, servers will always crash. According to IBM (in 2013), 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Imagine what 2025 will give us?
  • The meshing of technology to become even more effective such as the further development of Bluetooth and sophistication of WiFi.
  • The role of lighting playing a more defined role for health. Artificial lighting could become more finely tuned to represent a positive effect on people ie. no more staying wide awake after looking at the glare of the mobile whilst in bed at night.
  • Ease of use and the experiences gained. The path for learning will become even easier. Lighting technology will become broken down so much that people can learn in a way where they don’t have to rely on expensive hardware.
  • The monetisation of lighting services. Lighting effectively becomes an end point. For instance, security systems can be built more effectively with data analytics built in. A result could be no more dimmer problems for the commercial world.
  • Complete control to the end user. For instance, within public spaces busy times can be controlled more effectively than quieter times. Data will constantly be collected.
  • No limitations. Many people and businesses that were limited to software arrangements have complete freedom. Ingenuity will allow people to create environments themselves.
  • All hardware will become free. People will only have to purchase the software (take for instance the development of the app and in game purchases today).
  • Fashions will come and go. Remember when LED lighting was first introduced and to many became an over the top use of lighting.



What Will Never Change

However, there is one thing that will remain constant in 2025 that is just as relevant today.

The principals of good quality lighting design will never change.

It doesn’t necessarily matter what the future will hold. Many of the projects that we work on have to be sustainable and relevant in 20 to 30 years time anyway. What is more important than predicting what the future will hold is the creativity and planning to support an idea. To some extent this is far more valuable than the final delivery.

We firmly believe at Michael Grubb Studio that technology should support an idea, rather than dictate it.

A formula that we work to, that will be just as relevant in 2025 is:


We all acknowledge that change is going to be constant, but one thing will always remain, we will always create light for people.

The future (and today) will allow us to create and deliver amazing things with the technology at our disposal. However, it becomes a pointless exercise (for the home, work, outside space) if the final delivery does not connect with people.


To Round Up

The future will provide us all so much versatility and diversity, it can become easy to get carried away (a bit like when we discussed this topic in the studio).

Everything has to start with the idea. No matter how much the lighting industry develops and how we progress as a society, creating light that means something to someone, no matter what generation, will always remain true.