lighting design

Bath Abbey Footprint Project

Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed, as lighting consultants, for the prestigious Bath Abbey Footprint Project.

The project is an £19.3 million programme of capital works and interpretation that will provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the Abbey.

Michael Grubb Studio will be providing a new energy efficient lighting scheme for the interior of the Abbey. Designs are also being prepared for the underground Vaults, which will contain an Interpretation Centre, Meeting Rooms and a new Song School. An overarching lighting strategy is currently being developed to ensure that all aspects of the interior lighting sit in harmony and support the various, uses and needs of each space.

Other project works include: stabilising the ground beneath the Abbey floor, tapping into Bath’s greatest natural resource and heating the Abbey using energy from the hot springs, adapting the interior of the Abbey so that it better expresses the faith and practice of the Abbey community and is more inviting for worship, installing energy efficient lighting, opening a new Song School for the Choir, creating 200 square metres of new space to provide a contemporary Interpretation Centre which will in turn act as the hub for projects and activities displayed throughout the Abbey.