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When I Say ‘Beach’ You Say ‘Party’

We did it last year and we’re doing it again, the Michael Grubb Studio beach party is back.

Before you think, ‘it’s just a company having a jolly on the beach and inviting others down,’ there is a reason for all this.

Yes, we like to let our hair down. Yes, we know that Friday is the best day to wind down. Yes, we like to get to spend some time with customers and suppliers, but it’s a bit more than that.

You’ve probably seen in the recent interviews with Stuart and Jack where they have emphasised the idea of family. Well, that’s what we’re trying to build on. The whole focus of transparency, sharing, learning and a sense of unity is something we strongly believe in.

Everything that we create we want others to feel that they are part of something too. From the Re:lit project and creating a space for a community to the Gardens Of Light for a whole town to indulge in, we are all about giving a sense of belonging.

Lets call it a network. If we can bring people together and create a shared togetherness then we are fulfilling what we are here to do. If you package it up as a beach party, then gives a sense of meaning for people to congregate (and also enjoy).

This Works, Here’s Proof

Business has to be about making bonds and working with people that you get on with. It is also about having a shared sense of enthusiasm. As an example, Brandon Hawkes worked with us on an internship from Bournemouth University in 2014 and was at last years World Cup Tournament (using the word ‘tournament’ very loosely). Tom Lawton owns a local web development/technology company (and also designed and built our website) and were both introduced. A year later Brandon now works for Tom as a result of the introduction at last year’s event and part of his team.

Brandon said, “Last years beach party enabled me to have that conversation with someone face-to-face rather than sending an email after an introduction. It just felt a bit more relaxed. This was something that everyone joined in and not a networking event that sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable.”

A Sharing Economy

The network we create at Michael Grubb Studio is about sharing skills, beliefs and experiences that build stronger relationships. This is why you’ll probably see a mix of customers, design team partners, suppliers, installers, students and fellow lighting designers all in the same place. These are people from all over the UK who come down to Bournemouth to enjoy the day.

We believe in no hierarchy. Lets bring people together to share and enjoy. If business is about working with others that we know, like and trust then let us create that space for others to interact.

Watch the video for this year’s event and more importantly YOU ARE invited.

The date is Friday 19th June at Branksome Beach from 1pm. Be great to see you there. Click here to let Greta know that you are coming and provide all the info you need.

See you on the beach.