lighting design

Colour; The art & science of illuminated manuscripts

Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed to provide lighting design services for COLOUR – a new temporary exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

The exhibition celebrates the Fitzwilliam Musuem’s 2016 bicentenary with a stunning display of 150 illuminated manuscripts from its rich collections.

Manuscripts were at the heart of Viscount Fitzwilliam’s collection with which the Museum was established in 1816. Many of them are displayed here for the first time. They can only be seen at the Museum due to a clause in Fitzwilliam’s bequest which prevents them from leaving the building and reveals the anxieties of the Founder who had assembled his treasures in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

The hundreds of images sheltered in volumes that were cherished in princely and religious libraries for centuries constitute the largest and best preserved repositories of medieval and Renaissance painting. With most panel and wall paintings destroyed by war, greed, puritanical zeal or time, illuminated manuscripts are the richest resources for the study of European painting between the sixth and the sixteenth century – the main focus of this exhibition.

COLOUR showcases advanced research undertaken by the Fitzwilliam’s curators, scientists and conservators involved in the Cambridge Illuminations and MINIARE projects. It celebrates modern-day discoveries inspired by collections assembled over 200 years.