lighting design

Holy Name Church, Newcastle

Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed by Holy Name Church to provide heritage lighting design services for their new restoration project.

The Holy Name Church is a solid and well-detailed neo-Romanesque design of the late 1920s, with some Byzantine influences, and makes a positive contribution to the Jesmond Dene Conservation Area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Some of the interventions over the years were unsympathetic to the style of the building and the parish has decided now to invest in the building and reverse the most inappropriate of the interventions.

Internally, the original Sanctuary marble and parquet flooring is to be uncovered, the Tabernacle is to be remodelled; and the harsh modern ‘spotlight’ lighting to the whole building is to be replaced. Bespoke pendant fittings are proposed within the nave, whilst subtle up-lighting will be used to highlight the building’s fittings of note, as well as the clerestory windows and Sanctuary. All luminaires will be energy efficient and dimmable for pre-programmed scene settings. Externally, the main facade features are to be illuminated, with luminaires set within the proposed new hard and soft landscaped entrance piazza.

Work is due to commence in Autumn 2016.