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‘Inspirations’ for Mondo Arc Magazine

Michael Grubb Studio accepted an invitation from Light Collective to produce content for the back page of Mondo Arc magazine. Each month the magazine approaches a design practitioner or studio to produce a page that graphically presents what inspires them about light.

Following numerous in-house discussions we decided to celebrate the lighting industry and all those people who have influenced us, inspired us and collaborated with us over the last 18 months.

The final concept was based on the Beatles St Pepper front cover with the strapline of “Welcome to our world – not lonely together”. The page was curated by Light Collective, who wrote:

This issue of the Back Page is brought to you by the team at the Michael Grubb Studio. Based in Bournemouth, UK by the sea, this relatively new consultancy is headed up by a former Lighting Designer of the Year no less. We love Mike and his team for their continual support of Light Collective crazy ideas and its good to get a chance to promote theirs. They are the first office we have ever heard of pitching (get it?) illuminated crazy golf to a client. They have created a light festival on the beach and an initiative to re-use all the samples we allow to gather dust… We really like their style.

This is their opportunity to present what inspires them and guess what? Its us…not literally just us (although we are chuffed to see ourselves included) but as in ‘all of us’. It’s the people that they have worked beside, collaborated with or admire from afar. If you are surprised to see your little face then accept the honour and join us in a bit of a love in based on light