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Lighting India (Issue: Feb 14)

Four projects by Michael Grubb Studio were featured in Lighting India. This included, Guinness Storehouse, Bournemouth Pier, Gardens of Light Festival and InsideOut. All of which have picked up various award nominations over the past couple of months.

The article on Guinness Storehouse focused on the new Tasting Rooms experience. Developed in conjunction with Bompass & Parr the Tasting Rooms lighting is distinctive, dynamic and theatrical – whilst always enhancing the iconic brand identity of Guinness.

The Golden Ticket event for Bournemouth Pier was a one-off temporary lighting installation. The Studio provided lighting designs that ensured that the Pier’s key architectural components were revealed and enhanced with over half a mile of cabling being used, along with various LED lighting technologies to achieve the desired lit effect.

The Gardens of Light article focuses on the Light Pod aspect of the festival, also known as Lost Light. The project which has already won 2 major awards has captured the imagination of a world-wide audience and is set to return in 2015 with new content and interactive experiences.

InsideOut was undertaken at the Robert Stephenson’s Boiler Shop in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The project brief was to develop a series of architectural lighting photographs that explored the potential of light. The project was nominated for a 2014 Lighting Design Award.


Author: Michael Grubb