lighting design
Completed Project

LUSH Arndale, Manchester

The largest LUSH store in the North of the UK has just opened at Manchester’s Arndale Centre, with lighting design by Michael Grubb Studio.

Michael Grubb Studio brief was to create a new immersive experience that would enhance the products on display, engage with customers and reinforce the unique LUSH brand.

Working closely with the LUSH in-house design team we helped organise lighting workshops, product testing, concept prototyping and lighting demonstrations – all in advance of the final lighting scheme being developed.

The project includes a wide range of environmentally friendly design concepts, including the worlds first beauty project Greenhouse, which offers a real life working space for 60 houseplants to grow. It also doubles up as a consultation area for private skincare consultations. Other features include a Party Booth, Massage Bar and a Hair Styling Station.

An animated backlit canopy was the centerpiece with coloured light replicating the effect of the iconic Bath Bomb project.

Customer and client feedback has been overwhelming, with Michael Grubb Studio now developing new lighting schemes for Bournemouth, Amsterdam and Milan. Further details will be available shortly.