lighting design


Following on from the success of our award-winning lighting scheme for LUSH retail stores, we have been busy developing immersive lighting concepts that can support Lush Spa treatments.

Lush spa treatments combine reviving massage and holistic techniques with fairy tale fragrance and elements of the fantastical. Music, poetry and storybook escapism all play a part – all of which have been experienced by the Michael Grubb Studio team (the things we do for research).

We’ve laid between cosy sheets in a room alive with birdsong and soaring soundscapes, experienced massages, scrubs with finest essential oils blended into chocolatey bars and indulged ourselves in clouds of beautiful fragrances that engaged our senses. It was a hard work, but in the name of research we simply had to do it!

Concepts are now being developed for Cardiff Spa with future Spas planned around the globe. All of which will be in addition to current UK Spa’s in London, Edinburgh, Bath, Leeds, Liverpool and Poole.