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Michael named guest speaker at SHARE Bucharest

Michael Grubb has accepted an invitation to speak at SHARE BUCHAREST 2017.

The dynamic event includes four professional conferences organized over two days, on 21 and 22 March, at Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest.

The event brings principals and senior architects from leading practices together to discuss and gain inspiration from each other. The conferences offer the opportunity to meet great minds in the global architectural community through our talks program.

The lectures are concentrated on present and future, innovation in architecture and engineering, on explorations on new materials and technologies for designing a smart and sustainable built environment.

The debates within SHARE Bucharest 2017- International Architecture Forum program are combining theory with practice methods, presenting projects signed by famous architects, concentrated on innovation in architecture, engineering, construction, design & computation.

12 countries will be represented by awarded architects, engineers and lighting designers: Germany, Spain, UK, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, India, Portugal.

Click here for the full list of speakers.