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Celebrating Success: The West End Project Win

The West End Project Wins Pineapple Award for Public Space

We are thrilled to announce that our collaborative work on the West End Project in London has won the prestigious Pineapple Award for Public Space. This recognition celebrates the transformative impact of our lighting design consultancy, working alongside LDA Design and other key partners, to reshape the heart of London’s West End including Alfred Place, Whitfield Gardens and Princes Circus, into a greener, more vibrant public space.

The West End Project, spearheaded by Camden Council, is the largest council-led public realm and transport initiative in Camden’s history. This £35 million project reimagines some of the most congested streets in central London, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, and addressing critical issues such as air pollution and urban wellbeing. The West End Project is a testament to the power of thoughtful urban design in creating healthier, more sustainable city environments that reduces vehicle dominance and increases green spaces.

Lighting Design that Defines Space

As the lighting design consultants for this landmark project, we played a crucial role in enhancing the project’s aesthetics and usability. Moreover, our strategic lighting scheme ensures that these new public realm spaces are inviting and safe, even after dark encouraging more foot traffic and extended use of these areas into the evening. Above all, the lighting design underscores our commitment to enhancing urban landscapes through innovative lighting solutions. Michael Grubb Studio is honoured to have contributed to a project that not only beautifies the city but also fosters a stronger, more connected community.

We look forward to continuing our journey of creating vibrant, sustainable urban spaces through lighting design. In addition, we thank our partners and the community for their support in making the West End Project a resounding success.

The Pineapples 2024 award night. Winner the West End Project
The Pineapples 2024 award night. Winner the West End Project

The Pineapple Awards celebrate the best in urban design and development. The awards highlight projects that positively impact the built environment and enhance the lives of city dwellers. Subsequently, winning this award is a significant achievement. This win reflects the collective efforts and visionary planning of everyone involved in the West End Project.

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Photography: DRGNFLY Productions