lighting design
Completed Project

Pier Approach / Lower Gardens, Bournemouth

We are delighted to announce that our Lower Gardens / Pier Approach lighting scheme is finally complete and open to the public. Both projects are linked with a common narrative, which was inspired by the story of Princess Eugenie of France.

In 1896, when the town was known as a health spa resort, the princess visited Bournemouth on the advice of her physician. During her stay the route through the gardens to the sea was lit by candles – which in turn inspired the candlelight narrative for the project.

The lighting scheme was designed to be playful with a range of lighting effects incorporated within the bespoke wooden lighting masts, all of which combine to create a magical and immersive experience at predetermined dates and times of the year. The intention being to lead visitors through the town to Pier Approach, where on arrival a range of lighting scenes can be experienced.

Full details of the project and the final lighting scheme will be available shortly.