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Playing The Same Chords When Learning Is Shared

Last month we looked deep into the role of learning on a wider scale from the 2012 Olympic Games and how the Learning Legacy helped shape the thinking of Michael Grubb Studio (you can read it here).

If that particular article took onboard a passive approach, this article looks at the value of becoming active by sharing our knowledge with others.


Involvement With Wider Professional Networks

If there was one area of note from participation with the Learning Legacy project, it was that the biggest construction companies in the world still want to be educated. These are respected businesses that have built an esteemed reputation, but still have a thirst to know more, particularly about light.

It has become apparent within Michael Grubb Studio, over the past year, that clients are becoming far more inquisitive. They ask for more help, input and advice. This inquisitive approach informed our decision to become part of the RIBA CPD network. We will now provide ongoing education and support for Architects.

The network includes over 500 suppliers, manufacturers, specialists and training organisations, who provide RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) approved CPD (Continuing Professional Development). CPD material is available in a wide variety of media formats, from webinars, papers to video.

We are now sharing our knowledge to RIBA Chartered Architects. From categories looking at the technical science of light, through to the more creative led topics – there will be something for everyone! This means that a number of talks that have presented over the globe, can now be revisited and looked at in further detail.


A Career Path In Lighting Design

Sharing knowledge should not just be for commercial gain. It should also be shared with others who are looking to put their first foot on the ladder within the lighting industry. This is why we are supporting and taking an active involvement with the Lighting Alliance.

The goal of the Lighting Alliance is to ensure when lighting design concepts are developed, and lighting solutions implemented, a qualified lighting professional is involved.

The Alliance is not a substitute for any professional association. It is a powerful tool for a movement to establish the profession and develop knowledge in lighting design. It comprises of disciplines such as lighting designers, educators, researchers, architects and urban planners. All of which are an integral part of the overall effort to ensure lighting is designed by qualified recognised professionals.

The time that is invested in being part of the Lighting Alliance is centred on the belief of a career path, it is healthy for the industry to have a clear structure and having a well-run CPD Programme that creates longevity for an industry we support and believe in.


Taking Learning To A Wider Audience

By taking learning seriously and having the ability to share what you know, allows networks and links to flourish.

The wrong way, as a commercial business, is to show a client (or prospective client) how something works and then put pressure whereby they will only see results when you hire them.

Michael Grubb Studio is part of a new breed of companies who are ready to educate. This is not about taking tests and meeting industry standards but using learning so other people, ‘get it.’ It is about inspiring others to take on a new responsibility and unearth a new confidence.

So many schemes (not by us, we hasten to add) use far too much light. What we are finding is that other design professions look to us for advice, or some reassurance to their approach. We can then collaborate and integrate light as needed. The role of learning is to give others confidence and reassurance that they are doing the right thing.


Lets Conclude

Lighting design is the lifeblood to Michael Grubb Studio, however, we do not want to sell only lighting design. We believe in supporting knowledge and development of a practice and the people we work with.

If you inspire people, they want to be part of your network. This is why we support RIBA CPD and the Lighting Alliance. A web of connectivity comes back to the role you play and your participation within a marketplace that encourages change.

If you would like to explore deeper and come on board with our collaboration with RIBA CPD, click here to find out more. To support and understand more about the Lighting Alliance, click here. It’s good to have a presence and cooperate with others in different spaces.