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Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth

When a Masterplan is devised and followed, it allows for a seamless lighting environment to be implemented over a number phases.

Michael Grubb Studio was appointed by the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) to review the existing lighting scheme and then provide a Lighting Masterplan for the campus.

The Lighting Masterplan considered the lit environment, the operational requirements of the campus, student’s welfare, safety, key events / activities and how artificial light could be used to improve wayfinding and develop a sense of place after dark.

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The Masterplan allowed for inconsistencies with the existing lighting to be addressed, It then provided a framework for new schemes to adhere to.

With campuses now being part of a 24/7 world, the exterior lighting scheme took into account the fact that students work later into the night and that this results in more activity and movement between departments, library, workshop – as well as social areas such as the café and student bar.

Where possible, the new lighting scheme is intended to reuse, relocate and replace existing lighting equipment (all directed from the Masterplan). This has included working on student blocks, building facades landscaped areas with architectural light in collaboration with award winning architects Design Engine and Landscape Designers Hyland Edgar Driver (HED).

A new lighting control philosophy was developed for the site. This allows lighting to be reconfigured and switched/dimmed based on location and use.

This approach has created a more considered lit environment which reacts to use, improves wayfinding and cuts energy consumption across the AUB site.

As new development phases progress over the coming years, the direction from the Lighting Masterplan allows everything to fit together and create a cohesive lighting scheme that is easy to interpret, implement and operate in the long-term.