Arts University Bournemouth is recognised as a well-established education provider in Art, Design, Media and Performance. Following on from devising a Lighting Masterplan, Michael Grubb Studio delivered a new lighting scheme.

The scheme considered the lit environment, the operational requirements of the campus, student’s welfare, safety, key events/activities and how artificial light could be used to improve wayfinding and develop a sense of place after dark.

Delivering the new lighting scheme was centred on a way to enhance architecture, improve movement around the campus, create a distinctive lit environment and above all else, champion the creative thinking of AUB.

Whilst a complex project to interpret, that involved reconfiguring previous installations and reusing existing luminaries (where possible), it followed a consistent approach that adhered to the Masterplan. Layers of vertical and horizontal illumination emphasise key elements of the scheme.

Colour has also played a significant part. It now helps orientate and define key spaces within the campus. A series of control sequences are integrated within the scheme to provide impact.

All lighting schemes were developed in collaboration with award-winning architects, Design Engine and landscape designers Hyland Edgar Driver (HED).

The work with AUB has been recognised and rewarded on a wider scale. This includes RIBA Regional Award; Brick Award shortlist; SPACES highly commended award; Innovation Civic Building; SPACES client of the year.


Arts University Bournemouth


Dorset, UK


Exterior Lighting

Scope of Works

Exterior Lighting


Robin Goodlad

Design Team

Design Engine, Hyland Edgar Driver (HED), Michael Grubb Studio