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DARC Night Installation
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DARC Night Installation

Creating a setting for awards ceremonies takes the whole studio team into a place to bring our lighting skills to the test.

Darc Night celebrated a new style of lighting design awards, the ‘Darc Awards’ which was brought to life by Mondo*arc Magazine in conjunction with Light Collective. This was located in Battersea, London during September 2015.

Sponsors were paired together in teams (manufacturer with lighting designer) and provided the opportunity to create a light installation for the event using their products.

Michael Grubb Studio worked with architectural lighting team, Lucent, to create a 12-meter-long installation, ‘The Source’ for the back wall.


The concept core was to celebrate ‘more than the downlight’ with particular emphasis placed on integral lighting and a hand-crafted construction process.

The ‘Source’ was inspired by the definition of Lucent; glowing with or giving off light ‘the moon was lucent in the background’. We then used Artex to create a landscape texture which was side illuminated by the entire Lucent ProStrip Black range in it’s various formats.

We individually addressed the LEDs and created an animation that tied together with a projection.

Both Michael Grubb Studio and Lucent teams worked as one to construct the full light installation.


Working in partnership with a team we enjoy at Lucent helped create a key visual aspect for the ceremony.

Not every project has to have a commercial link to it. When there is the opportunity to celebrate the industry and be part of a wider collective, everyone feels part of something.


Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio

Sponsor & Supplier: Lucent