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Fitzwilliam Museum’s Bicentenary Exhibition
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Fitzwilliam Museum’s Bicentenary Exhibition

Attention to detail is key when working with light sensitive objects.

The Fitzwilliam’s Bicentenary Exhibition reveals the life of its mysterious founder and celebrates one of the greatest collections of art in the UK.

200 years after his death, the exhibition reveals previously unknown details of the life of its mysterious founder, Richard 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion. Research for a new book (by Lucilla Burn) has shown how his beloved library may have contributed to his death, and how his passion for music led him to the love of his life: a French dancer with whom he had two children, ‘Fitz’ and ‘Billy’.


Sensitivity to the subject matter was extremely important with many of the objects on display being light sensitive.

Michael Grubb Studio worked closely with the in-house conservation team and the head curator and author Lucilla Burn, who is also Assistant Director for Collections at the Fitzwilliam Museum.


The result is a defining visual experience of differing scales, styles and material.

David Evans, Project Manager, from the Fitzwilliam Museum commented, “Michael Grubb Studio did a perfect job of lighting the work. Every object looked its best and we stayed within necessary lux parameters”.

“They were a pleasure to work with and added a calming enthusiasm. We are very happy to be working with Michael Grubb Studio again on our next two exhibitions, in our bicentenary year”.


Client: Fitzwilliam Museum
Curator: Lucilla Burn
Photography: James Newton