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Kings Square, Gloucester, UK

Michael Grubb Studio provided a Lighting Strategy for Gloucester City Council’s new Kings Square development located in the centre of the city.

First opened to the public in 1972, Kings Square has been a focal point of the City of Gloucester for the last 50 years. The square was in need of a remodel to create a contemporary office, retail and leisure area for residents and visitors. Gloucester City Council commissioned a £5m facelift of the square as part of a wider regeneration scheme of the centre, including the new Forum Development and the University of Gloucestershire campus.

The commission was organised by the Kings Quarter Art Commissioning panel, which consists of councillors, officers and key figures from local cultural and community organisations.

Michael Grubb Studio worked in parallel with both the client and design teams to understand the cultural significance of the site while creating the Lighting Strategy. The new design is inspired by the Severn Bore, creating sculptural stone waves which resemble a tidal surge along the river, set through the trees and landscaping.

Michael Grubb Studio created an innovative lighting design that is programmed to illuminate the square at night. The use of colour was identified as a major element and ambition of the scheme, which features water fountains and dynamic colour changing lighting. The lighting creates a unique sense of place which can hold large scale events, whilst being an attraction in its own right. The Strategy embraces and connects the Public Realm with the surrounding architecture, delivering a combined approach that can be operated and managed by local stakeholders.

The council can utilise the coloured lighting to brand and celebrate key dates in the international and local calendar, with emphasis placed on natural phenomena, such as sunsets and the full moon cycle. All features from building facades, hard landscape and water features sequence collectively to create an immersive lit experience.

Leader of Gloucester City Council, Councillor Paul James, said: “Michael Grubb Studio have created a dynamic and exciting atmosphere at Kings Square with their innovative lighting scheme. The design, unveiled in 2022, has captured the imagination of the local community, enhanced the new public realm and created a positive identity for Kings Square. The square is now a vibrant space to host events and activities all throughout the year.”


Gloucester City Council

Scope of Works

Lighting Strategy, Concept Design, Detailed Design

Design Team

Reef Group, George King Architects, Michael Grubb Studio


Mike Massaro