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Meet Vincent Van Gogh Travelling Exhibition, Worldwide

Michael Grubb Studio provided technical lighting design support for the new ‘Meet Vincent Van Gogh’ travelling exhibition. We worked in partnership with multi-award winning Event Communication.

Event Communication is a leading experience design agency. Recognised internationally for their consistent ingenuity, design and ability for purposeful storytelling.

The exhibition is a truly multi-sensory and interactive experience that uses innovative techniques, high quality reproductions and impressive visual effects to tell Van Gogh’s incredible life story.

We developed an initial lighting strategy that dealt with key strategic issues, such as wayfinding, light adaptation, contrast ratios and also glare.

The strategy also advised on technology and key technical requirements. This was specifically relevant to the large light-box displays and how they supported AV related content.

The mission of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is to make the life and work of Vincent van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible. The objective is to enrich and inspire others.

The project was developed with the profound knowledge of the experts of the museum and the co-founding partner ArtComm (specialized in traveling presentations and exhibitions worldwide).

This event is jointly organized by the Van Gogh Museum and Wai Chun Culture Investment (sole licensee of the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience in China), co-organized by Manet Club Art Museum Beijing and Education Forum for Asia.


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