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Mineral House Spa, UK

The lighting scheme for Mineral House Spa was specifically designed to create the feeling of pure indulgence and total relaxation, a haven where the mind, body and spirit converge.

Lighting is discreet, minimal and only used where needed. The scheme allows the eyes to relax – allowing the mind, body and soul to follow.

Low-level ambient lighting scheme allows visitors the chance to relax, unwind and feel rejuvenated. Lighting equipment is discreet and for the most part hidden within specially designed architectural details. Warm white light is used throughout, with colour used to highlight the pool from high level.

Treatment rooms each have their very own scene control, allowing for lighting to be adjusted as needed. Lighting within the fitness center was designed to meet all cardiovascular and core training needs.


IHP Group

Scope of Works

Concept, Outline Proposals, Detailed Design & Production, Focusing & Commissioning

Design Team

Space Architects, Design LSM, Michael Grubb Studio


James Newton


Newcastle, UK