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Mortlake Stag Brewery Development, London, UK

The prestigious 22-acre site Mortlake Stag Brewery, located in London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames, has a clear vision for the future. A new Lighting Masterplan to this well-known site will set the benchmark for years to come.

The development will replace existing factories and industrial premises with mixed-use developments. This includes commercial retail frontage; office building; residential apartments; extra care facilities; a nursing home; new entertainment centres; retail areas; a school and health facilities.

Space also has an important role to play, with numerous active and open green public areas.

Understanding the local environment meant that we drew on local context so that the Lighting Masterplan had meaning.

The Masterplan takes into consideration aspects such as the lit environment; the welfare of others; safety; key events and activities.

It was our responsibility to define how artificial light can be used to improve wayfinding and develop a sense of place, after dark.

Playing a role for generations to enjoy and participate is a rewarding aspect for any Lighting Masterplan.


Reselton Properties Ltd

Scope of Works

Lighting Strategy

Design Team

Darmouth Capital Advisors Ltd, Squire & Partners, Gillespies, Michael Grubb Studio, Gerald Peter Brett Associates, Soundings & Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd


London, UK