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Moscow Parks Lighting Strategy
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Moscow Parks Lighting Strategy

Michael Grubb Studio provided Lighting Design and Strategy for nine prominent Moscow parks, in Russia.

Each park varies in scale, use and character. They range from large multi-functional national parks to smaller community spaces for residential neighborhoods.

We were appointed as sub-consultants to LDA Design, who were in turn commissioned by Moscow City Government and responsible for all landscape related works. The team also comprised of local landscape architects Alphabet City and UK based Moxon Architects.


The strategy for each park differed depending on location, scale and use. Each park was considered independently with a unique lighting strategy developed to promote use and improve way finding and connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods.

Architectural lighting to buildings, structures, hard / soft landscaping and water features was introduced to enhance character and support way finding movement across each park.

Lighting was optically controlled (and energy efficient) to ensure surrounding wildlife habitats were protected from the adverse effects of artificial light after dark.


The implementation of each lighting scheme will be delivered over the coming years. Some parks are now complete.

Sadovniki, ‘The Garden Park’, was the first project. This was designed to create a beautiful modern park in a landscape of delightful gardens, lounging lawns, play meadows and trees.

A new park pavilion now overlooks garden terraces that lead to a fountain plaza, ice rink, games area and sports pitches. The project has been profiled by the Mayor of Moscow as an archetype of contemporary park design.


Ultimate Client: Moscow City Government
Landscape Architects: LDA Design & Alphabet City
Architects: Moxon Architects
Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio
Images: Courtesy of LDA Design, Moxon Architects & Vika Bogorodskaya