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Ninja Tune, London
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Ninja Tune, London

Ninja Tune in an independent record label based in London, England. It was created in 1990 by the due known as Coldcut, Pioneers of the emerging hip-hop/electro scene in the eighties. Ninja Tune release uncompromising, forward looking music. The label’s aim is to win the most exposure possible for the most exciting music there is.

The project was led by Fielden Fowles Architects who rationalised the ground floor area by creating a new public-facing reception area and meeting room, in addition to new office space for the record company’s growing staff. Textures and finishes were selected to create a simple, clean space while maintaining the playfulness of the company’s brand.

What we did

The irregular geometry of the existing plan has informed the angled connection between the front and back of house areas, this was reinforced by a 17-Meter long suspended bespoke lighting solution, which zigzagged its way through the building and between the various spaces. Additional architectural lighting was then introduced to add depth and enhance the various textures.

Client: Ninja Tune
Architect: Feilden Fowles
Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio