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Old Paradise Street, London
Old Paradise Street
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Old Paradise Street, London

Our concept for Old Paradise Street was to create a unique lighting experience adjacent to Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in North Lambeth, London.

We achieved this by using a distinctive triangular pattern to transform the otherwise overlooked railway arch into a space with light and texture.


Using triangular forms and cut metal, the light pierces through the gaps to create exciting patterning across the walls of the space. The triangles act as a visual reference to aid movement through the space and transform the space into an exciting and dynamic experience in what would otherwise be a bleak space.


The final scheme was approved by both Network Rail and TfL prior to installation.

Urbis Schréder supported the implementation of this unique design. Samples were produced and used in an experimentation phase which looked at the different materials and light sources that would create the desired effect.

Client: London Borough of Lambeth
Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio
Contractor: Bouygues & Urbis Schreder