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Re:Lit Project

Working with the wider community helped to create an award-winning project.

Lighting technology is evolving and improving. This is fantastic news for the profession and places where lighting is used. However, wastage of fully functioning lighting equipment that still has many years of life (and also can not be sold) needs to be addressed.

This is where the Re:LIT project came to fruition. Michael Grubb Studio worked with manufacturers to take superseded, damaged and ex-demo lighting off there shelves and put it to good use in community lighting design projects.

Our belief was to set-up and initiate community projects that encourage spaces to be shared.

Our overall aim is to use light to create something beautiful (and sustainable) in places that need a bit of love, whilst bringing people and groups of the community together.

Our work and time provided for the selected projects is free of charge. The reason we are doing this is that there is so much space that can be better utilized for people to enjoy and feel a part of something significant.

The rules listed to our partners on their invite to be included are:

  • To use existing products and materials only. For example: superseded product lines, old samples, ex-demonstration kit, superficially damaged equipment, products that contain outdated LED lamps types or other components that prevent luminaries from being sold commercially.
  • All donated products must be safe and hold all relevant legal certificates.
  • Fabrication or modifications to products is prohibited, as this will only create waste and additional embodied energy through production.
  • Only energy efficient solutions will be used. For example, superseded products with tungsten halogen lamps will not be considered. The preference is for LED products, though fluorescent, CFLs, cold cathode and HID lamps will all be considered.
  • The final lighting design solution will always be at least 50 per cent more efficient than the existing scheme.
  • All existing lighting components will be recycled.
  • Control systems will be utilised when possible to ensure that energy is controlled and used only as needed.
  • Products will only be sourced from the immediate region i.e. within the UK.
  • All donations and offers of equipment will be credited on the RE:LIT website and publicity materials.
  • Donors may offer any type of equipment but must only send what is requested and/or specified.

Special thanks to all of the lighting manufacturers who generously supported the initiative, which included: ACDC; Architainment; Ecosense; Commercial Lighting; iGuzzini; High Technology Lighting; LED Linear; Light Projects; Lucent; Lumenpulse; Martin; Megaman; Mike Stoane Lighting; Precision Lighting; Remote Control Lighting; TM Lighting; Universal Fibre Optics; Xicato.

We even created our very own promo video to advertise the project and promote the suppliers who kindly donate to the project.

The first project was at Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth, Dorset. To read more about this project, the initiative, to donate equipment or apply to be the next venue visit


Shelley Theatre


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Strategy & Masterplanning


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