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Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books

Lighting design plays an integral part of refurbishment programmes. It’s important to be part of the vision.

Michael Grubb Studio’s involvement with Seven Stories, home for the National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle, was part of an intensive three-month refurbishment programme.


Attention and detail was focused on Reception, Thinking Tank, Workshop, Book Den and the Attic. The 50 Lux exhibitions within the two temporary exhibition spaces were also lit.

A cost effective approach was imperative. Using DMX output from a minimac connected to the internet at reception, all the feature lighting is controlled via timers or from an iPad app we created.

The minimac is without a screen but remains online during the day, allowing for remote access and for the team to be able to give quick technical, without being on site.


Lighting design concepts were delivered for all areas of the building. This was developed into an all encompassing and immersive lighting experience.

Working in partnership with ADP Architects we created a magical and inviting backdrop. This supported the narrative of each individual space.


Client: Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books

Architect: ADP

Lighting Design: Michael Grubb Studio

M&E: Kyoob

Project Management & QS: Turner & Townsend

Photography: James Newton