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Temporary Guinness Exhibition, Dublin.

Michael Grubb Studio provided creative lighting designs for a temporary ‘Ingredients’ exhibition at the Guinness Storehouse. Working in collaboration with brand innovation studio Dalziel and Pow, the exhibition creates an immersive and thought-provoking journey that celebrates the four ingredients that, when combined, create the iconic Guinness taste.

Delving into the essence of the iconic beverage and showcasing the craftsmanship behind its celebrated flavours, each ingredient is explored and celebrated within its own pavilion.

Stepping into the Barley pavilion, hanging dried barley is internally and externally presented using a combination of narrow and medium beam spotlights that utilise warm white light (2700K). This approach emphasises the form and tones of the barley while supporting the narrative of the natural environment it is harvested from.

Moving to Water, a fundamental element in Guinness brewing, a continuous curved profile of light is integrated within the structure to internally illuminate the pleated fabric, highlighting the motif and text.

In the third pavilion, real dry hops take centre stage with a play of light that evokes lush, aromatic hop gardens. This is achieved by concealing a diffused suspended glass pendant that provides backlit illumination, giving the impression of the sun gleaming through the hops.

Completing the famed list of ingredients is yeast, the secret behind Guinness’s creamy texture. Working closely with the creative fabrication team at Codstakes, cool (4000k) light is concealed around the circumference, with recessed spotlighting introduced above to emphasise the form of the spheres that float and move within the upward airflow. This combination of light and movement creates an ethereal ambiance, underscoring its crucial role in the brewing journey.

The collaboration between Michael Grubb Studio, Dalziel and Pow, and the Guinness brand is a harmonious blend of design expertise, resulting in an exhibition that surpasses the boundaries of traditional showcases. It offers visitors a sensorial experience, inviting them to explore and appreciate the artistry behind the iconic Guinness brew.

Lottie Rivière, Design Director, Brand Environments at Dalziel and Pow, acknowledges the impact of the lighting design, stating, “The lighting design truly brought each pavilion to life, infusing a vibrancy and glow that celebrates each Guinness ingredient.”

Visitors are invited to embark on this visual and educational journey, immersing themselves in the enchanting world where lighting design and brewing heritage converge. The permanent ‘Ingredients Gallery’, with lighting design by Michael Grubb Studio, will reopen to visitors in late March 2024.

Project Credits

Dalziel and Pow – Brand Innovation Studio

Michael Grubb Studio – Lighting Design

Codstakes – Fabrication & Design Agency

Grandirosa – Florists

Photography – French and Tye

fesp – Project Management



French and Tye