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The West End Project | London, UK

The West End Project, spearheaded by Camden Council and designed by LDA Design, is the largest council-led public realm and transport initiative in Camden’s history. This £35 million project reimagines some of the most congested streets in central London, prioritising pedestrians and cyclists, and addressing critical issues such as air pollution and urban wellbeing. The project encompasses several key areas, including Whitfield Gardens, Alfred Place, Princes Circus.

  • Lighting design by Michael Grubb Studio for Whitfield Gardens in Camden, London
  • Lighting design for public realm for the west end project, London


Revitalising Whitfield Gardens

Whitfield Gardens has seen a series of enhancements that have significantly boosted its appeal. The new planting scheme includes species that thrive in shaded areas, thereby boosting biodiversity and creating a welcoming green space. The park’s redesign integrates mature trees into raised planting beds, along with flexible seating arrangements that encourage relaxation and socialisation. Today, the park is now fully accessible, ensuring that all members of the community can enjoy its amenities. Additionally, the iconic Fitzrovia mural and a war memorial within the garden have been meticulously restored, preserving these historical elements for future generations to appreciate.

In this project, our lighting design plays a crucial role in highlighting the historical and natural elements. Discreet uplighting around the mature trees creates a dramatic effect, drawing attention to their grandeur. The Fitzrovia mural is illuminated with dedicated lights that enhance its visibility and vibrancy, even in low light conditions. Pathway lighting ensures that the garden remains accessible and safe for evening visitors. This combination of functional and aesthetic lighting transforms Whitfield Gardens into an inviting and contemplative space, enhancing its appeal both day and night.

The New Identity Of Alfred Place

Alfred Place, previously dominated by cars, has been transformed into a vibrant new park. This green oasis features wildflowers, expansive lawns, engaging play areas, and a meandering path that invites leisurely strolls. The conversion of this former road into a park enhances the urban environment, providing a peaceful retreat for both residents and visitors.

Our lighting design for Alfred Place focuses on creating a serene and safe environment after dusk. Soft, diffused lighting around the play areas ensures children can play safely, while pathway lights guide visitors along the meandering paths. Additionally, accent lights are used to highlight the wildflower beds and lawn areas, creating a magical atmosphere in the evening. This thoughtful lighting design not only ensures functionality but also enhances the natural beauty of the space.


  • public realm lighting design for the West End Project, Princes Circus in London


Urban Public Realm Like No Other In Princes Circus

Princes Circus has undergone a significant transformation, turning a once traffic-heavy area into a pedestrian-friendly zone. This redesign on Shaftesbury Avenue has vastly improved connectivity between Covent Garden and the British Museum. The removal of traffic from sections of Bloomsbury Street and Shaftesbury Avenue has created a larger, traffic-free public square, complete with widened pavements and safer cycle routes.

From a lighting design perspective, our team strategically placed ambient and accent lighting to enhance the new pedestrian areas, ensuring safety and creating a welcoming atmosphere after dark. Pathway lighting guides visitors smoothly through the space, while spotlights highlight key features such as the restored historic drinking fountain and newly introduced greenery. This careful illumination not only improves nighttime visibility but also adds a layer of aesthetic appeal, transforming the area into a vibrant and inviting public space.

In summary, the West End Project seeks to create a more liveable, sustainable, and economically vibrant urban environment by prioritising pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, enhancing green spaces, improving air quality, boosting the local economy, and preserving the area’s historical and cultural heritage.


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London Borough of Camden

Lead Designer

LDA Design


idverde UK

Project Management

Norman Rourke Pryme


DSDHA (Overarching West End Project Strategy, Norman Rourke Pryme (Cost)

Structural Engineers

Arcadis (Civil, M&E and Structural Engineers)


Mike Massaro


Camden, London, United Kingdom


NLA Public Spaces 2019 (Unbuilt Award), The Pineapples 2024 (Winner), [d]arc awards 2023 (Shortlisted)