lighting design


Light defines the spaces we use, depicts the stories we tell and affects our well-being.

Michael Grubb Studio delivers innovative and creative lighting solutions that address the way we perceive buildings, structures, environments and how we interact with them.

As an intuitive lighting design company, we do not believe in simply reproducing old ideas and repackaging them for a new space. Michael Grubb Studio’s philosophy stands for:

listening / empathy / education / insights / collaboration / creativity 

Michael Grubb and his team of lighting designers translate the artistic ideas by including out clients throughout the creative journey and all stages of the lighting design process.

We provide added value to our customers by delivering internal design workshops to ensure that all creative ideas are considered. We share our thoughts, respect opinion and encourage participation. We do this collectively, even with those who are not directly involved in the project. This is proven to deliver faster results.

Michael Grubb Studio’s philosophies & lighting designs are socially responsible; we always consider the environmental context and effects artificial light can have on both humans and natural world. We also consider the aspects that are outside of the project brief.

“Dialogue is an essential element in the creative process. You might be lighting a commercial building or a public space or developing the lighting strategy for a whole city but every project has its own story to tell and they all start with a conversation.”