lighting design


We have ability and experience in providing lighting design solutions for heritage projects, such as castles, religious buildings and other historical sites.

All projects commence by understanding the history and the architectural hierarchy of the project, this then enables the team to create an individual story that can be transferred into a lighting scheme.

We see the potential for creating drama and excitement, whilst never over-lighting. We celebrate the project through creative lighting and a well-considered approach to how it will be controlled in the long term.

As the initiative progresses we implement lighting demonstrations to help customers, stakeholders and design team members to learn about the journey and understand our lighting proposals.

We respect the historic fabric of any building or structure and pride ourselves in ensuring the project is preserved for future generations. We understand the approval process and have experience working in partnership with English Heritage and other organisations when it comes to obtaining permissions.

We fully understand the need to make the heritage lighting project as cost efficient as possible and are always aware that running costs and future maintenance needs to be controlled and minimised. This is why we believe in working in association with our customers to help provide the best heritage lighting solutions.

Projects include:
– Great Hall, Southwell Minster, UK
– St Thomas Church, Northumberland, UK
– St Michaels Church, Newcastle, UK
– New Place, the home of William Shakespeare, UK
– Great Hall, Alnwick Castle, UK
– St Leonard’s Church, Streatham, UK
– Wyndham Court, Southampton, UK
– Shelly Theatre, Boscombe, UK