lighting design

Public Realm

Our scope is not just confined to projects within the UK; our involvement with public realm lighting projects has seen designs applied for international audiences.

Working intensively with various stakeholder groups, our focus is to create sustainable lighting solutions that are energy and cost effective for both urban and rural public realm projects. We cooperate with ecologists by understanding the effects that artificial light has on localised habitats, we engage with highway engineering teams, we work with PFI contractors to identify lighting solutions, we team up with street lighting teams to recognise any implications from an early stage and we undertake lighting workshops with different groups to understand the final vision.

As is a crucial consideration for public lighting designs, we firmly believe in educating our customers on best practice to protect the environment and safeguard against glare, light spill and light trespass. We also understand the financial implication of future maintenance and running costs, which is why we ensure that public realm lighting schemes are easy to maintain and look to offset energy consumption.

Our expertise also includes experience with renewable technologies such as wind and water turbines, as well as photovoltaic technology. Not only this, but involvement with projects that entail extreme weather conditions, such as salt water environments and exceedingly high or low temperatures.

Projects include:
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, UK
– Moscow Parks, Russia
– Southampton Station North, UK
– Pier Approach / Lower Gardens, Bournemouth
– Westminster Road Regeneration, London
– Hereford High Town
– Hackney Wick / Fish Island, London
– Wallis Road, London
– Circus Street, Brighton