lighting design


Our experience with residential lighting design projects means we deliver expertise to developers, agents, architects and interior designers whilst also giving peace of mind to the homeowner.

From city apartment living to plush rural manor houses, the team are accustomed to supporting different audiences and making sure the creative lighting process helps create an ambience and the desired result for the customer. When working with homeowners, we are here to support throughout the project from highlighting imagery, concept sketches and using photography to aid the design process.

We work closely with architects and interior design professionals to integrate our residential lighting scheme as discreetly as possible. We also help provide bespoke design solutions that include decorative items, from traditional chandeliersto contemporary light-art features.

Working with a wide range of teams, we are here to support, recommend and liaise with: planning departments for a swift approval; construction teams to ensure the scheme is implemented as intended; and architects with detailed drawings for the install.

One aspect that we ensure is to prevent unnecessary expenditure on fixtures and fittings that can be uncalled for. As an independent lighting design team we offer unbiased advice and recommendations to deliver value for money.

Projects include:
– Skypad, London, UK
– Elvasten Mews, London, UK
– Lennox Gardens, London, UK
– Marsh Hill, Suffolk, UK
– Lakedrive, Dorset, UK
– Piper Residences, London, UK
– Hertfordshire House, UK
– Kiln House, UK
– Camden Mews, London, UK