lighting design

Special Projects

A whole world of opportunity is unravelled when you mix passion, energy, expertise and the medium of ‘light’ as a central focus for a special project.

Our devotion and spirit to unique lighting projects has enabled a wide range of unconventional initiatives from a mix of sectors from charities, public organisations and even the Police with both temporary and permanent light-art installations. By exploring the medium of light, we find that educating others, and creating a story that others feel enthused by helps to create a successful and well-received lighting project.

By collaborating with others, we find ourselves augmenting other disciplines into the overall initiative by incorporating audio, visual, sound and architectural interventions.

Involvement with others has included creating sustainability initiatives within public spaces that deal with energy efficiency and creating, curating and organising lighting festivals. The scope of a brief can open up everyone’s flair, excitement and enthusiasm (and not just from within the studio team).

Projects include:
– Night of Heritage Lighting, Jurassic Coast, UK
Police Box, UK
InsideOut, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK
Bournemouth Pier, UK
Arts by the Sea Festitval, UK
Cloudy Bay Discovery Garden, RHS Chelsea, UK
– DARC Night, London
– Gardens of Light Festival
– Chicken Town, London
– Russell-Cotes Museum, Bournemouth
– RIBA Windows, Regent Street, London, UK