lighting design

Visitor Experiences

Providing design and strategic consultancy services, we’re able to deliver a visitor experience’s key intention; to leave a lasting memory.

Working with permanent tourist attractions, temporary festivals and localised events, our promise is to create and deliver immersive-lit experiences that engage and enthuse the public. We do this by embracing each visitor lighting project and focusing on each space that requires to be addressed.

It is important to consider the wider context of a project, which is why we always plan to reinforce a positive visitor experience throughout all areas, from arrival through to the main event. We provide added value to our customers by also identifying opportunities that improve wayfinding and increase revenue at targeted points of an event, such as kiosks, cafes and visitor shops.

We work closely with maintenance and operating teams to ensure that the lighting is energy efficient, easy to maintain and operates consistently on a day-to-day basis.

Projects include:
Tasting Rooms, Guinness Storehouse, Ireland
– Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland
– Brooklands, UK
– Lavazza Experience, Turin, Italy