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Date: 09 May 2019
Location: SHARE Belgrade 2019
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: Branding with Light
Michael’s talk ‘Branding with Light’ will look at how lighting can be used to influence customer behaviour whilst supporting and enhancing a brand.  Michael Grubb will share case studies from previous projects and his work with major brands namely Guinness, LUSH, Amazon & Lavazza.

Date: 27 March 2019
Location: ExpoTrade, Melborne Convention Centre, Australia
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: Lighting Design : An Alternative Roadmap
The lighting design industry and evolved significantly over the last 20 years, but are lighting design practices moving with the times or is there an alternative way of working? Michael Grubb will present an alternative guide based on how he built his practice, case studying various projects and how they materialised.

Date: 05 February 2019
Location: Light School, Surface Design Show
Speaker: Stuart Alexander
Title: Wandering Light
Summary: The talk is based on a series of light related journeys that were either taken with likeminded people, experienced slowly over time or doused in serendipity.


Date: 14 Novemebr 2018
Location: LuxLive 2018, London Excel
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: What’s Light got to do with it? What’s Light but a second hand experience?
Summary: Stuart will be presenting ‘What’s Light got to do with it? What’s Light but a second hand experience?’ – which will look at some of our most recent public realm lighting schemes and how we turned unnoticed spaces into places.

Date: 14 Novemebr 2018
Location: LuxLive 2018, London Excel
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: How to build a brand with light.
Summary: Michael will be providing the keynote talk at the Lighting for Retail & Hospitality Conference. Michael’s talk ‘How to build a brand with light’ will look at how lighting can be used to influence customer behaviour whilst supporting and enhancing a brand.

Date: 25-26 October 2018
Location: PLDC 2018, Singapore
Speakers: Michael Grubb, Matthew Waugh & Greta Smetoniute
Michael Grubb: From designer to owner: a journey into unexpected terrain
Summary: The story of Michael Grubb Studio throughout the company’s first five years. The talk will showcase the lessons learned when building a practice that now works on projects across the globe.
Matthew Waugh & Greta Smetoniute: What if your spotlight had a fitbit?
Summary: What makes a spotlight fitting, and in turn a project, environmentally mindful? here is not enough open conversation related to the production of luminiares, the embedded components and their embodied energies. So, by working with manufacturers from within our community, Greta and Matt have dissembled wasted spotlights to review and track their components. The objective is to learn what it means to produce a sustainable spotlight.

Date: 19 September 2018
Location: DARC Room, London Design Festival
Speaker: Stuart Alexander
Title: For the love of cables
Summary: Stuart’s presentation highlighted the production of new wireless technologies in architectural lighting. He questioned whether they are succeeding in replacing the modest cable, that we all take for granted.

Date: 23-24 August 2018
Location: 9 Degree LED Forum, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: Retail Lighting in the Modern World
Summary: The internet changed everything. Online and Offline were once two very separate worlds. But with the rise of e-commerce and in particular mobile e-commerce, the distinction between online and offline is blurring rapidly. Those brands that can seamlessly integrate the online and in-store environments to create experiences on interaction, not just transaction will be those who are here for the long term.

Date: 2-3 May 2018
Location: Middle East Lighting Design Summit, Dubai
Speaker: Michael Grubb
Title: The Modern Age Lighting Designer
Summary: Michael present what it takes to me a lighting designer in the modern age


Date: 4th November 2017
Location: PLDC 2017, Paris
Title: Creating retail experiences, not showrooms!
Summary: Lighting is now the conduit for engagement, acting as a flexible medium that can influence, enhance and create meaningful experiences that customers can relate to and engage with. Michael will showcase the journey his studio has taken, from the initial lighting scheme for Cratbtree & Evelyn, through to LUSH where their lighting approach has now been adopted as the ‘brand standard.’

Date: 22 March 2017
Location: SHARE Bucharest
Title: Creating retail experiences, not showrooms!
Summary: ‘Telling Stories with Light’ will look at how Michael Grubb Studio approach public engagement and how local community groups can help shape, deliver and even maintain new exterior lighting schemes.

Date: 07 February 2017
Location: Light School 2017
Title: Blobs, Scallops and Glowing Things
Summary: Stuart Alexander, Senior Designer at Michael Grubb Studio will be serving up the language of light from the depths of the ocean. 


Date: 26th April 2016
Location: LightFair, San Diego, USA
Summary: Let Light Live will look at the success of the ReLIT Project and how Michael Grubb Studio are working with suppliers to recycle and reuse redundant lighting equipment for community projects around the UK.

Date: 13th or 14th April
Location: LuxLive Middle East, ADNEC, Abu Dhabi
Title: Delivering impact with Light
Summary: Award winning lighting designer Michael Grubb will use case studies from recently completed projects to demonstrate how light can be used to transform leisure, hospitality and visitor experiences. 

Date: 9th February 2016
Location: Light School, Surface Design Show, London
Title: Consumer connections and added value with light
Summary: ‘Consumer connections and added value with light’ will focus on recent retail lighting projects where Michael Grubb Studio developed individual narratives with light. Michael will use recent case studies to demonstrate how you can add value to retail projects. 


Date: 30th October 2015
PLDC, Rome, Italy
Recycle, reduce & reuse
‘Recycle, reduce & reuse’ will be a in-depth presentation on the Re:LIT Project and how Michael Grubb Studio is working with manufacturers to recycle superseded product lines, old samples, ex-demonstration kit, superficially damaged equipment, products that contain older LED lamps types or other components that prevent luminaires from being sold.

Date: 24th March 2015, 6:30pm
Location: ACDC, London
Title: How to be brilliant at creative thinking. 
Summary: Michael Grubb Studio – A visionary design dream factory where ideas, invention and creativity are turned into inspired architectural lighting solutions for the modern age. We believe the best concepts in the cosmos aren’t actually in the cosmos at all…. they’re locked inside somebody’s head. As a team at the studio, we work together to set them free, turning doodled dreams into functional, sustainable illuminated reality.

Date: 10th-12th February 2015
Location: Building Design Center, London
Title: Public Realm – Telling Stories
Summary: Light defines the spaces we use, depicts the stories we tell and affects our well-being. Our urban environments need to reflect this, but how is it achieved? Michael Grubb will talk through his Studio’s approach to public engagement and how local community groups can help shape, deliver and even maintain new exterior lighting schemes. 


Date: 19.11.14  (12am)
Location: LondonExcel
Title: The Re:LIT Project
Summary: Michael Grubb will talk through the process for the Re:LIT Project, from inception through to the inaugural installation at the Shelly Theatre. The talk will focus on the big idea and how the initiative gained the support of some of the biggest lighting suppliers.

Date: 29.06.14  (2pm)
Location: Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan
Title: The Past & Future of Bournemouth Lighting
Summary: Jack Greener will be providing a joint presentation with Bournemouth Council’s Street Lighting Team (Chris Knight & Daniel Moorley). Jack will talk about the various design projects being undertaken within Bournemouth Town Centre, including the multi-award winning Gardens of Light Festival.

Date: 15.05.14  (11am)
Location: London Olympia
Title: How to support a narrative with light
Summary: The presentation will show how a unique ‘lighting’ language was developed and implemented to enhance the exhibition, the building and the brand of Irelands most visited tourist attraction – the Guinness Storehouse.

Date: 28.04.14
Location: Bournemouth Community Church Centre
Title: Equlighty
Summary: Level Pegging is a one-day collaborative art experience, which aims to raise awareness, challenge public opinions, create discussion and encourage debate on sexism in the 21st century.

Date: 05.02.14 (2:15pm)
Location: Business Design Centre, London
Title: Design Process: Developing a Narrative
Summary: The talk will look at how Michael Grubb Studio approaches new projects and how a story can be developed to enhance a building, space or brand with light.


Date: 20.11.13 (11am)
Location: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London
Title: Guinness Storehouse
Summary: Michael Grubb will be talking about the Studio’s work at the home of Guinness, the Guinness Storehouse. This will include work associated with the Arthur Guinness Room and new Tasting Experience.

Date: 21.05.13 (1pm)
Location: London Excel
Title: Interior Designer, meet the Lighting Designer
Summary: An intriguing and creative explanation on how the two disciplines of interior design and lighting design can work together to create unique and dynamic schemes for the future.

Date: 30.04.13 (6pm)
Location: Regents College, London
Title: Lighting Landscapes
Summary: Michael Grubb will talk through his top ten rules for landscape lighting. The talk will include key considerations when developing residential and commercial lighting schemes for gardens.

Date: 14.11.13 (2pm)
Location: Gloucester
Title: Lighting over three phases of the Olympic Park.
Summary: Whilst not an official ‘Learning Legacy’ event the presentation will be based on the lessons learnt and how collaboration and joined up thinking allowed the various lighting schemes to be adapted over all three phases.