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Brand & Identity

Michael Grubb Studio are experienced in designing lighting schemes featuring major brands helping to reinforce existing values, or diversification to launch a new product. We also work in partnership with companies looking to establish a new identity in the marketplace. We utilise the latest lighting technology, innovating original concepts and solutions to define and emphasise distinctive brand characteristics. Our work includes promotional events, including film and television.

Working with in-house marketing teams and external agencies, we develop Brand Lighting Guidelines for both permanent and temporary projects ranging from retail and product promotion to visitor experiences.  This provides a consistent strategy that can be easily understood and implemented by others, either in phases and/or across multiple project locations.

The resulting Lighting Design and established aesthetic is considered throughout all areas from arrival and back of house, to main attractions, through to the exit.  Creating a lighting hierarchy enables us to establish where to focus the key lighting elements and related budget to achieve the optimum impact.

We immerse ourselves in the product and test various lighting scenarios demonstrating proof of concept to our clients. We spend time researching and understanding cultures from around the world to ensure that our designs are appropriate for the desired target audience. We develop a ‘lighting language’ that enhances core brand values, considering both artificial and natural light as part of our approach.

Our involvement expands beyond creating concepts and recommending lighting solutions; we ensure sustainability and efficiency for major brands to become cost effective in the long-term. This is based upon our own award-winning initiatives, research, development and implementation of the circular economy model.