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Special Projects

Michael Grubb Studio is recognised for its original approach to Special Projects arising from our eclectic team of Lighting Designers mixed with passion, energy, expertise and the medium of ‘light’ as the central focus. 

Our devotion to unique lighting projects has enabled us to work on a wide range of unconventional initiatives from large scale light festivals to brand launches and charity initiatives.

By exploring the medium of light, we create a story that inspires others which helps to create a successful and well-received lighting project.  Through collaborations with others, we augment our own ideas incorporating audio, visual, sound and architectural interventions.  The scope of a brief can open up everyone’s flair, excitement and enthusiasm.

Special projects draw particular attention to issues, such as sustainability within public spaces due to their often temporary existence.  We aim to design sustainable projects that consider and incorporate an energy efficient approach to lighting whilst minimising waste.