Lighting plays an important role in improving the working environment.  A high quality lighting scheme is vital for the well-being of employees, for creating a productive space and for the successful development of a company.  

Workplaces require a certain level of light for certain tasks to meet expected standards, but this should not dictate that the entire space has to be bland and over-lit.  We provide commercial workplace lighting design solutions within public or shared spaces which promote a positive ambience.

Workplaces often support the company brand and recognised work ethos in order to attract and maintain both employees and clients.  Our approach, is to research the current office culture, responding to how people use the space, in order to ensure that our Lighting Design enhances and supports any new proposed office culture and the resulting human interaction with it.    

Our expertise and knowledge of emerging technological developments create new opportunities for our clients, such as interactive lighting within the workplace.  We ensure clients receive leading-edge, sustainable solutions that are energy efficient to gain full value out of the project in the long term

Whether the space is a new commercial development, or a refurnished interior space, we provide flexible, innovative lighting solutions which can be implemented in a variety of spaces and locations, over a number of phrases.