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The Compressed Calendar Countdown

When you work to an ethos, you can move mountains.

Last month we highlighted the decision to move to new premises. This is so we can stamp our embodiment of think, play and produce, click here to read.

From the fantastic feedback we have received, lets share how the team have worked to these principals.

We have effectively turned a six month project into six weeks, from signing a lease to moving in (week commencing 11th September).

We can safely say that a lot has happened since the last article. We have introduced three new design technicians to the Michael Grubb family (you can have a look at the full team here).




lighting designThinking has to take on board a long term view to create a space that encourages participation, not just staff, but also clients.

We have more diverse projects, international activity, clients working in different time zones and a greater requirement to develop and test concepts. A new space will provide defined structure.

This has to be reflected within a new workspace to converse, think and evaluate proposed lighting solutions. From creating conference facilities to communal areas, what can take many months of planning and consideration has been condensed into a matter of weeks. This has brought in the skillsets of everyone within the business, both seasoned lighting designers and new team members.

The move has been treated the same as any other commercial project with an overarching vision to create a space that reflects the future based on what we believe in.

Stuart Alexander (Senior Designer) highlighted, “Enthusiasm, making bold decisions and getting back to the eccentric quirks is what we are all about and what makes us different when it comes to lighting design.”

“The new move is like the next paragraph of a book. It is still the same font, the same size, we just don’t know what’s on the next page, but we’re enjoying where it has taken us so far.”



lighting designYou need to indulge in play to create the right environment.

The team were briefed to create concepts, names, layouts, themes within the new space. Interaction and bringing individual skill sets helped make this one where everyone took ownership.

Every new room has a name, an identity and a purpose. It is within these rooms where we will share, discuss and think. When people have a level of emotional involvement, it creates a sense of home.

From those who have been with the company during the early years (namely Stuart and Matt Waugh), to new team members, everyone has to feel part of the whole initiative. This is something that Will de Liefde-Foote, Dan Trombin and Matt Athinodorou (our Design Technicians) have already recognised.

“We are all involved and everyone has a say,” mentions Matt, “from inspiration to selection to fixtures and fittings, we have all been given the freedom to explore, play, suggest and proceed.”

Karen highlighted, “Everyone’s background is varied. From interior design, architecture, set design, everyone is bringing integral parts to this big jigsaw.”



lighting design

There comes a point when all the ideas, concepts and testing comes to fruition. In our case, it was everything from the new flooring schemes to conference room install.

Greta Smetoniute (our project designer) noted, “We have effectively built a new home. As the business owner, Michael (Grubb), has not stepped in to alter. I’d say his role has been quality control, whilst we have taken ownership of creativity and delivery.”

Matt Waugh (Senior Designer) highlighted the importance of producing a family themed environment. “We all need to be comfortable. Even things such as a table to eat lunch together, we are looking to create a close knit family environment that spends time as one. Each team member is putting emotional investment into this.”


Lets Round Up

lighting design

The past provided Michael Grubb Studio the foundation for building a business with a purpose where light was the medium. What we are doing is reinvigorating what the company was built upon, but now structuring this within a much larger space with a growing family at the heart of it.

When you live an ethos, it becomes a good marker to share and show everybody else that is part of our community.

Our new address is Michael Grubb Studio, Bryanstone Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2HN. We look forward to showing you how everything looks in our new lighting design home.