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To Share Or Not To Share

Now the pleading in your inbox to resubscribe has finished, it is time for us all to move on.

Companies were panicking, fearing a mass exodus of names from their preselected mailing list. Is this really a bad thing? Surely retention is better than reach? 

At Michael Grubb Studio we are embracing the challenge of keeping relevant and inspiring and educating others. 


A Touch Of Arrogance, But…

We know from the responses we get from our Snacktime email via the tweets, texts, emails and LinkedIn messages that we must be doing something right. We would rather be relevant than share self-centred noise in the hope that something sticks.

Our ethos has always been to share with you, be open and reveal what happens within the Michael Grubb Studio solar system. 

Last month we revealed what happened when working on the F1 launch campaign for McLaren. 

This highlighted our step to share exactly what happens when working on amazing schemes. Our change in direction was partly fueled by GDPR and our desire to share what happens behind the scenes of our prestigious projects.


So, What Do We Have In Store?

We can now reveal to you some of the projects we are working on (even if they are somewhat cryptic). 

They include, the home of rugby, Twickenham Stadium. Edgbaston Cricket Ground, in Birmingham, UK, on the redevelopment of their site. We are also working with Premier League clubs, Burnley FC (Turf Moor) and Everton FC (Goodison Park) on their pre-season stadium development. Finally, we have been working with a Hollywood studio and Royal related projects in Dubai. 

We will soon have a lot to share and what goes on behind the scenes.


Sharing Is Caring

Relevant communication is worth its weight in gold. 

If we are sharing how the industry works, a fresh approach can help everyone.


Our take on GDPR is this:


–       People want something that is worthwhile to subscribe to

–       You share with people things they may not be aware of yet, but are interested to find out more

–       Deliver a message to people who ‘get it’

–       You provide people with a genuine reason to be part of the ‘club’ (or Snacktime in our case)

–       Lighting design companies all need to fine-tune their voice to be different

–       Above all we want to ‘inspire and educate’


Step Forward With Us

The monthly Snacktime email is a way for us to share with you all the work that goes on behind the scenes, the world of lighting design and the role that we all play today.

Just leave your email below.