lighting design

Weston Street Development, London

Michael Grubb Studio has been appointed by Solidspace to provide lighting design services for Weston Street Development, London. The project comprises both commercial and residential properties and is situated in the heart of London Bridge, near The Shard.

Our lives have changed immeasurably over the years, but oddly our homes have not. Solidspace have looked at people’s needs and found that homes being offered do not suit the way we live today. Recent surveys back their findings and reveal that 75% of us would never live in a new build home. Their philosophy is to design a better home that suits the way we live today. Their homes are ‘buy-to-live’ not ‘buy-to-let’.

The Weston Street project sees Michael Grubb Studio continue its strong working relationship with Solidspace, with other residential and commercial projects underway or in the pipeline.