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Your Invitation To Join The Collaboration

We’re seeing some interesting things here at Michael Grubb Studio and it’s all about you.

Please don’t close this screen and move onto another page. Promise you that this is not a thinly veiled sales message by attempting to look sincere.

It is also not an excuse to stop, gloat and say ‘look at us.’

Maybe you are part of our Snack Time monthly email or maybe you check in from time to time to see what we are discussing and sharing here in the news section.

What we encourage and 100% behind is creating a sharing community.

This Is Where You Fit In

We’re opening this up to everyone. Is there a project you have produced that you would like us to comment on? Is there someone from the lighting industry you would like us to chat to? Is there an issue or a topic that you would like us to voice an opinion (such as the health and lighting thought from last month)? Is there something fantastic that you have done that you would like us to share?

We are 100% behind the ideology of people interacting, sharing and having a space to do this.

Shout Outs

Here’s some BIG thank you’s to those who have shared and participated with us.

The monthly newsletter inspired Inessa Demidova to pick up the pen and draw. Thanks for sending in Inessa, you are a star.



Thanks for the support from one of our community members, your feedback means a lot, you know who you are. I love getting your newsletter, I read it because it is creative, fun, friendly, and makes me happy to see great firms doing good work.”

Neil Mattinson, Senior Board Director, from LDA Design commented, “I have enjoyed, enormously, reading your ‘Values’ and ‘Beliefs’ statement. It is particularly warming as we have been with you on your journey and always had total faith in you.” Many thanks Neil.

It All Means A Lot

We are overwhelmed by the feedback we receive from the stories and articles produced. Last months Back To The Future article, helped to generate a discussion on the email from readers that picked up on a number of themes we were highlighting. The most popular crystal ball statement that struck a chord was the idea of lighting contributing to a more defined role for health.

This is where we see the world of lighting at the moment. We are all very much in this together and unlike many other industries, we respect each other’s opinion, viewpoint and realise that we all have a role to play. This is the opposite end of the spectrum where we (businesses within the lighting industry) hold our cards close to our chest.

As with any business, our aim is to build an audience who come back to us on a regular basis. If we start going down a road where the content produced is 100% focused on work output from the studio, then naturally holding your attention would probably start to wane.

A Definition For What This Is

Lets have a quick look at how we define audience. In its purest sense, it is about a group of people who share an opinion and a point of view and come back to a space on a consistent basis to listen.

This is not about creating ‘buy now’ messages from Michael Grubb Studio or special consultancy offers before the end of the week, this is all about giving meaning to what we do and the people who are part of our world. Our role is to educate, entertain (thanks to everyone who came to the beach party) and advise.

The audience always has to be considered, which is why we want to take the conversation outside of its original medium (for us, it’s the website).

We have our calendar of articles that we are focusing on in the coming months, but it would be great to grow this audience (that you are part of) into a community.

Lets just define what a community means. A community becomes an ongoing dialogue where a conversation transcends a company. The experience belongs to everyone. A community means a place that people feel privilege to be part of.

Lets Round Up

Call it feedback, call it an invitation, you’re invited. We will continue to share the views from our world, we hope you can become a part of this to.