lighting design


Michael Grubb Studio design, advise and consult on all aspects of the lighting design process. We conceptualise and craft interior and exterior architectural lighting designs. We create and implement innovative lighting strategies and masterplans. We design bespoke solutions and provide concept ideas for clients.

As we are not linked to any individual supplier or manufacturer, we can give unbiased expert advice. That means our schemes are always based on the most appropriate technologies and techniques – not on vested interests.

Lighting Design Project Process

Most design related projects run through the following 5-stage process:

1. Inception and mobilisation
We collaborate closely with our clients when we construct our initial brief. To us, it is a pivotal part of the creative lighting design process. We always focus on the unique qualities of the project. And we use our imagination to explore the role light can play.

2. Concept proposals
Each concept takes the image and function of light into account. But we never ignore practical considerations like cost, buildability, sustainability and ease of maintenance. We love exploring our ideas with our clients. We use sketches, models, images, words, diagrams and animations to do so. Wherever possible, we work with their design team to create concepts and solutions that enhance the project’s core values. Workshops and dialogue are essential ingredients in Michael Grubb Studio’s design process.

3. Outline proposals
The development stage is where conceptual ideas become design details. This is where an early dialogue with design, construction and maintenance teams helps us apply the power of light to its fullest extent. Mock-ups and tests explain the rationale behind the design and inform the construction process.

4. Detailed design and production information
They say ‘devil is in the detail’ and it is at this stage we produce detailed information. Our process includes layouts, detailed drawings, specifications, schedules and anything else that is needed to fully understand, price and plan a scheme.

5. Construction, focusing and commissioning
We will not disappear when the construction team starts work – far from it. We will be right there on site, offering fast responses to co-ordination and installation issues. And we will turn concept into reality by evaluating and assisting with the commissioning, programming and focusing of the lighting systems.

Strategic Projects

The Studio undertakes many Strategic and Masterplanning work from all over the world. The design process for these projects is similar to the above, but with greater emphasis on stakeholder engagement, client engagement and design workshops at the early stages of the programme.

Conceptual Projects / Fresh Thinking

Michael Grubb Studio is increasingly requested to develop project ideas with no set brief. This includes ideas for events, festivals, special projects and even products. Our collaborative approach & philosophy means we are able to provide workshops with clients or we can provide ideas internally for consideration by others. The design process and associated scope of works is developed once the initial idea has been agreed

Product Related Projects

We design bespoke lighting products for projects. Solutions include luminaire design, product development and special light-art installations. Our scope of lighting knowledge combined with creative thinking has enabled the delivery of lighting solutions for both commercial and public use. We have also developed specific installations for residential projects in conjunction with the developer, designer and homeowner.