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Museums, Visitor Experience & Exhibitions

We provide creative lighting solutions and strategic services for a wide range of visitor experiences, museums and exhibitions. Our projects range from working with established brands that are creating permanent tourist attractions and museum displays, through to temporary installations and exhibitions.

Strengthening the entire visitor experience, supporting the broader narrative and enhancing content is our primary focus for this sector. We consider the wider context of the project from arrival areas, light adaptation, wayfinding and retail. It is also important to enhance how the public interacts with the content on display through the lighting.

We aim to provide a positive lit experience that immerses and engages the visitor throughout the entire experience.

Each space, spanning both interior and exterior, may require a different aesthetic or the development of a creative concept to maintain interest across the site. We design a set of overarching lighting principles which form the framework for a cohesive lighting aesthetic and approach. To support permanent projects, we can supply Lighting Brand Guidelines which provide clear, simple instructions about the lighting aesthetic and any standards that need to be adhered to, to ensure a long-term consistent lighting approach.

We always respect the artefacts and exhibits on display, particularly those of historical value. We work in collaboration with conservation teams to ensure that the design solutions (including the use of natural daylight) are well considered within their immediate environment.

We also work closely with operators and maintenance teams to reduce running costs and disruption when accessing lighting equipment. We design and specify lighting control systems as part of our Lighting Design to operate the lighting throughout the day and evening. Special events or product launches may require additional flexibility within the system which we can make provision for, as well as pre-programming a series of ‘scenes’ that be selected or programmed for specific or seasonal times of the year. The final lighting scheme is focused and commissioned by our team on site at the end of the project.

Projects Include: