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Museums & Exhibitions

Michael Grubb Studio creates Lighting Designs for permanent museums displays and exhibitions with multiple galleries, as well as for small temporary exhibitions in the UK and internationally.

Supporting the narrative, enhancing content and strengthening the entire visitor experience, is our primary focus when developing exhibition and museum lighting schemes.  We consider and support the wider context of the project beyond the gallery, from arrival areas, light adaptation, wayfinding and retail, to how the public interacts with the content on display.

One of the most important elements of working within exhibition and museum space is to respect the displayed artefacts.  We work in collaboration with conservation teams to ensure that the design solutions (including the use of natural daylight) are well considered within their immediate environment.

We also work in collaboration with operators and maintenance teams to reduce running costs and disruption when accessing lighting equipment.

Our ‘whole museum approach’ ensures we are onsite focusing and commissioning all of the lighting at the very end of the project.