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Brand Identity & Retail

Michael Grubb Studio has a wealth of experience in creating unique lighting aesthetics and ambience to promote retail stores and the brands within them. Linked to, but sometimes outside of traditional retail, we have designed a significant number of lighting schemes to help major brands to reinforce their existing values or launch new identities, products, or brand experiences

We utilise the latest in lighting technology, innovating original concepts and solutions to define and emphasise distinctive brand characteristics. Where required, we work with in-house marketing teams and external agencies to develop Brand Lighting Guidelines for both permanent and temporary projects. This provides a consistent strategy that can be easily understood and implemented by others, either in phases and/or across multiple project locations.

Where products are being sold, we extensively test our lighting solutions to ensure they provide the greatest clarity to the product range. It is also imperative that we deliver accurate colour rendition which ensures the products are visually optimised on display. We deliver client lighting demonstrations and encourage feedback throughout the development process.

As retail moves towards a more immersive experience, a high-level of flexibility allows for the changing displays, fashions and store layouts. We design lighting which provides the flexibility and freedom to adjust and move lighting to ensure that the displays always look their best. This is also true of brand and identity, which will evolve and adapt over time.

Our work in retail and brand & identity has in many instances incorporated the design and development of decorative bespoke fittings where a stunning centrepiece or unique aesthetic is desired. In addition, we can provide interactive lighting or design a special project as a permanent or temporary feature, such as a branch launch or special event.

Our involvement expands beyond creating concepts and recommending lighting solutions; we ensure sustainability and efficiency for major brands to become cost effective in the long-term. This is based upon our own award-winning initiatives, research, development and implementation of the circular economy model.

Projects Include: