Michael Grubb Studio create award-winning Lighting Designs that enhance brand values for major retailers. We create a unique lighting aesthetic and ambience to promote the store itself and the individual brands within it.  This is designed in collaboration with the marketing, design and retail teams.  Where requested, we produce a set of Brand Lighting Guidelines which provides a consistent lighting strategy over time that can be rolled out across stores of various scales in the UK and overseas.

We extensively test products to ensure our lighting provides the greatest clarity to the product range, ensuring accurate colour rendition which ensures the products are visually optimised on display.  We deliver client lighting demonstrations and encourage feedback throughout the development process.

Store design benefits, in the long term, from a flexible approach, to accommodate changing displays, fashions and store layouts.  We design lighting which provides the flexibility and freedom to adjust and move lighting to ensure that the displays always look their best. 

Our work in Retail has also incorporated the design and development of decorative bespoke fittings for stores where a stunning centrepiece or unique aesthetic is desired.  In addition, we can provide interactive lighting or design a special project as a permanent or temporary feature, such as a branch launch or special event.

Our team has undertaken award-winning research recognising their work in creating a circular economy model for retail products as implemented by major retail stores.  This considered the life cycle of lighting products and how they can be recycled and re-used in other stores through management of the supply chain internationally.  In addition, work was carried out with manufacturers to design a sustainable spotlight which resulted in a reduced carbon footprint and a reduction in energy consumption for stores.

Our retail strategies and Lighting Design is project managed from conception to final handover, focus and commissioning.  We offer onsite staff training to ensure that the final scheme and any staff operated control systems are understood, as well as advice on how to re-direct light sources should temporary displays or products move location.