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Anna Freiesleben Successfully Selected as SLL Finalist

Michael Grubb Studio is thrilled to announce that Project Lighting Designer Anna Freiesleben has been chosen as one of the four SLL Young Lighter 23 finalists.

Now in its 29th year, the SLL Young Lighter competition provides a high-profile opportunity to support younger lighting professionals in the early stages of their career. The competition requires entrants to provide a presentation, from which the four finalists are selected.

This year, the finalists will present their talks at LiGHT 23, and the winner of the competition will receive the title of SLL Young Lighter 23, a cash prize of £1000, and the opportunity to present their winning paper at Light2Perform 23.

Anna is proud to present her topic Light Beyond Earth: Illuminating Life on Exoplanets. Her presentation will explore how exoplanets set the scene for discovering unusual lighting effects and consequent challenges to the human circadian rhythm. Investigating light as perceived from alternative points in the galaxy deepens our understanding of light itself, and the symbiotic relationship between planets and their stars. This research explores the creation of an ‘Exoplanet Lighting Design Guide’, initially focusing on the closest exoplanet to Earth: Proxima Centauri b.

The presentation ultimately looks to answer the question: What are the future lighting conditions humans may face, and how do we design for these unfamiliar contexts?

Founder + Managing Director Michael Grubb said: “We are incredibly proud of Anna’s achievement and wish her luck for the final stage of the competition. We can’t wait to hear her enlightening presentation at LiGHT 23, a testament to how she thinks outside of the box and brings her creativity to our team.”

Since joining Michael Grubb Studio, Anna has continued to expand her portfolio of bespoke lighting projects, focusing on crafting spaces that radiate ambiance and purpose. Always considering the core foundations of light, the nature of light beyond Earth is the latest fascination to capture Anna’s imagination.

Find out more about the competition here.